CRGO Steel Transformer | CRGO Wound Core

Wound Core

The manufacturing of strips wound cores is a specialized process, which requires a high degree of precision. These cores are manufactured from selected coils of CRGO electrical steel to yield closely controlled electro-magnetic characteristics and dimensional accuracy. Cores are wound as loops (two halves with overlapping ends joined together to form loop in multiple layers of the wound core) after slitting is done as per the required shape depending upon the rating and specification of the transformer on design parameters on the Unicore wound making machines. The Machine automatically stops when the pre-decided dimension is reached. The cores are stress-relief annealed to restore the magnetic properties. The cores are bonded where necessary, to provide increased firmness.

Features of our CRGO Wound Core:

  • Reduces maintaining and storage cost.
  • Assembly time is highly reduced.
  • Enhances better rating for transformers.
  • Higher flux density.
  • Lower destruction factor can be achieved.
  • Noise level reduction.
  • Enables a favorable assembly for the upper yoke.