Single Phase Transformer Manufacturers and Suppliers

Single Phase Transformer

MEIPL manufactures Single Phase Oil Filled Distribution Transformers with robust cylindrical construction Pole Mounted Type from 5 KVA to 25 KVA ratings in Aluminum and Copper wound. The Transformers are designed for its effective quality and reliability with low loss Wound Core version for the Distribution system. The transformers are manufactured with Automatic & Semi-Automatic Machines with controlled temperature and atmospheric condition. The transformers are specifically designed for the decentralization of distribution network of servicing residential overhead distribution loads of town and countryside. They are also suitable for light and diversified power applications. These transformers are designed for the application conditions normally encountered on electric utility power distribution systems.


  • Rating and Diagram Plate
  • Primary & Secondary Bushings
  • Pole Mounting Brackets
  • Tank Grounding Provision
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Pressure Relief Device

Optional Fittings:

Terminal connectors, Arcing Horns, Lightning Arrester & Self-protection system with MCCB, HV fuse, Oil Immersed Internal Circuit Breaker