Core Coil Assembly

Stack Core

We cut; punch and V notch the Stack core/Transformer Lamination/Cut Lamination for Distribution & Power Transformer...

Wound Core

The manufacturing of strips wound cores is a specialized process, which requires a high degree of precision...

Toroidal Core

Our expertise enables us to manufacture and supply a broad range of Toroidal Core (CRGO). This core is manufactured...

Slit Coil

Primary and essential procedure for any cut lamination is Slitting of CRGO Mother coils in various widths as per the requirement...

Amorphous Core

Mangal Electrical produces high quality amorphous distributed gap (wound) cores according to Customer specification...

Core Coil Assembly

The "active" part of the Transformer consists of the magnetic core with windings and accessories...


Single Phase

MEIPL manufactures Single Phase Transformers.

Three Phase

MEIPL manufactures Three Phase Transformers.

Power Transformer

MEIPL manufactures Power Transformers.

EPC Project


MEIPL also works on EPC Project.

Switch Gears

Indoor VCB

MEIPL manufactures Indoor VCB.

Outdoor VCB

MEIPL manufactures Outdoor VCB.

Circuit Breaker(ICB)

MEIPL manufactures Circuit Breaker(ICB).


MEIPL manufactures PCC Poles.

Information Technology


Mangal Group proudly presents its online venture in


YeRecharge the trailblazer in the online recharge sector


YeDub is an amazing dub application with a unique concept blossomed by the creators of YePaisa.


Adyep is all about creating interesting, informative, interactive and rewarding games.