Power Transformer

The company is also manufacturing 33/11 KV Power Transformers upto 10 MVA ratings as per requirement of the customer. All transformers are manufactured with imported CRGO Silicon Steel annealed laminations and EC Grade Copper / Aluminum. Very safe flux densities and current densities are employed in designs for maximum safety and long life. All windings are fully ampere-turn balanced and adequate cooling ducts and radiators are provided to take care of overloads as per IS 6600. The Power Transformers are supplied with Off Load Tap Switch (OCTC) or On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) as per requirement of the customer. The cooling can be ONAN as required.


  • Silicagel Breather
  • Magnetic Oil level gauge
  • Earthing terminals
  • Conservator with drain plug
  • Dial Type Thermometer
  • Explosion vent with equalizer pipe
  • Pulling eyes/Roller arrangement/Skid base
  • Winding Temperature Indicators
  • Marshaling Box
  • Arcing Horns
  • Thermometer Pocket with Dial Type Thermometer

Optional Fittings:

Lightning Arrester & Tap Changer: Off Load or On Load.