Amorphous Metal Core | CRGO Transformer Core and Lamination

Amorphous Cores

Mangal Electrical produces high quality amorphous distributed gap (wound) cores according to Customer specification for single phase and three phase distribution transformer applications By using Metglas® amorphous metal. Epoxy coating is applied to the some parts of the cores in order to get mechanical rigidity. And finally we can get the 80% lower No load losses as compare to CRGO Lamination.


  • Easy magnetization occurs by means of;
    • Low coercivity , low hysteresis loss , high permeability
  • Low magnetic losses occurs by means of ;
    • low coercivity , low eddy current loss , high permeability , high resistivity
  • Fast flux reversal occurs by means of ;
    • low magnetic loss
  • Best performance under harmonics ( Non Linear Loads )

Core losses have two components, one is eddy current losses, and the other is hysteresis Losses. The ratios of the losses are mentioned at table below for amorphous and CRGO Cores.

Basic Table Layout
Amorphous Core CRGO Core
Eddy Current Losses Hysteresis Losses Eddy Current Losses Hysteresis Losses
33% 67% 67% 33%
1.3 x Linear loads 1.8 x Linear loads

No load loss (hysteresis loss and eddy current loss) of transformer can be decreased by Using amorphous metal because of atomic structure and thickness of amorphous metal Higher efficiency can be achieved and CO2 emissions can be reduced by saving energy.